Khaalz Packaging

It's one thing to purchase a luxury product, and it's another to have that product presented to you in the most appropriate and appealing manner. At Khaalz your not only served with best quality, top grain leather product, but also in the most sophisticatedly fashioned box, bag and case.

Depending on the product you purchase, as our packaging for various items vary due to size and weight, your product will be first wrapped within a Khaalz butter paper to protect it from the surface of the bag or case. It will then be either placed in a fabric cloth bag or Khaalz box. Our soft, beautiful white fabric cloth bag is especially treated to preserve leather products from moisture and dryness, and keeps your product smiling. Khaalz self-closing, one piece, wrapped in art and textured paper box is handmade just for you.

Once your product is packed it will then be placed in an elegant rich black carry bag, top knotted with Khaalz premium black ribbon, shipped right to you! 

If you choose to get the Khaalz premium personalisation option, name or initials will be gracefully embossed on the product and a white card of the same embossing will be placed on top of the packaging as well as to help you distinguish the product before opening it.

"Packaging so right, you will not want to remove the product from it". The user will find our packaging articles to be very convenient and keep them for future use.

Please note: Some of our larger products such as laptop or document cases cannot be personalized and come in Khaalz standard packaging. You can review the personalisation options in each of the applicable products page. Khaalz standard packaging cannot be altered or customized for individual needs. 


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