Khaalz Rewards


Once registered with us here at Khaalz, you will earn Khaalz Points on all your purchases, referrals and reviews entirely automatically. The way the points are awarded is as follows:

  • You earn 2x(times)of your order value in Khaalz Points – for instance, an order for £80 will receive 160 Khaalz Points, representing £1.60 to redeem against future purchases.
  • You can receive 10 Khaalz Points every time you review a product after purchasing.
  • You can receive 500 Khaalz Points for any friend you refer that spends more than £50.00.
  • Include your date of birth when you register, we will add 200 Khaalz Points on your Birthday as a thank you!


Redeeming your Khaalz points is simplicity itself, once you have found something you want and added it to your cart, you will find your Khaalz Point totals included in the interface. Here you can simply add the amount of Khaalz points you wish to use in your transaction.

Please note: Once you have made a purchase any Khaalz Points you earned will not be in your account to use until your order has been accepted and is displayed in your customer account area as or shipped.


Khaalz Points are only earned or redeemed if you are logged in and use Khaalz Checkout. PayPal payments do not qualify for Khaalz Point rewards.

  1. 1 Khaalz point is equal to 1p
  2. Khaalz points cannot be used simultaneously with other discount codes.
  3. Only 1 account is allowed per person, multiple accounts will result in the closure of all accounts associated with those involved.
  4. If the account is closed or the Khaalz points program closed all Khaalz points will be lost.
  5. Redeemed points will be deducted from your account
  6. Khaalz points are non-transferable and have a cash value of 0.01p.
  7. Only 1 account is allowed per person, if someone is using more than one account we will close all accounts associated with them.
  8. Khaalz points expire after 1 year, unused Khaalz Points will be removed from your account.
  9. We may close an account down if we suspect fraud or a breach of our Terms & Conditions or Khaalz Points policy at anytime.
  10. Khaalz points are earned for transactions, friend referrals, product reviews and birthdays.

Product reviews

Each review will be awarded 10 Khaalz points, however all reviews are subject to our consideration, please read our Reviews Policy for full details.


You will be rewarded for your purchases with 2X of the value of an order (excluding shipping if applicable) credited to you in Khaalz points.

Sign Up/Register

Once you register your account with your account will be credited with 25 Khaalz Points as Sign Up Bonus.

Friend referrals

We will credit your account with 500 ELITE points if you refer a friend who spends more than £50.00 with us, but only when the cooling off period for your family/friends order is expired (14 days from the date of purchase). If your friend's order is returned unsuitable and/or cancelled for whatever reason within the cooling off period; no points will be credited to your account.


We will add 200 Khaalz points to your account on your birthday, if you have entered your Date of Birth when registering for an account.


If any order using Khaalz Points is cancelled, the points will be put back into your account.


Our only liability in regard to our Khaalz points programme as set out in our Khaalz Points Policy are subject to English law. Our sole liability regarding any event related to this programme will be to credit your customer account with any Khaalz Points which were wrongly deducted or were not credited to your account even though you were entitled to them. These Rules do not exclude or limit our liability as set out in our Terms & Conditions.

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